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Create shares ETF savings plan for free

How do I create my own share ETF savings plan at Consorsbank and what is a securities account?

The share ETF savings plan is kept in the securities account. As in your checking account at the bank, all your transactions are listed there and can be traced. A securities account is a “bank account” managed for shares, where your individual shares, savings plans and other securities can be displayed and edited.

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1. Registration

If you click on the link button below, you will be taken directly to registering an account.

  • Trader account
  • Entry-level depot
  • Young Trader-Konto
  • Savings plan

Various data must be entered there for verification. After registration, you will be sent a PIN code by post. This usually takes a week. Then you have to enter this PIN and you can start directly with your securities account.

2. Choose a savings plan

After your account has been fully activated and verified, you can now continue with your personal savings plan.
There are many providers who offer you many savings plans. A provider and probably the biggest one is
Everyone who already Something to do with savings plans has probably never been around this page. This is the ideal site to look for your savings plan. There is a huge selection of ETFs and many are updated daily.
Let's just take a look at the largest ETF savings plans, which can be saved free at Consorsbank.
You can go to Popular ETF savings plans and then click on the MSCI World savings plan on the left.

Create the savings plan with the ISIN number

If we take the Xtrackers MSCI World UCITS ETF 1C as an example, we now need the ISIN number to create the savings plan with it. You can’t go wrong with this ETF, because it’s one of the largest MSCI World ETF’s, making it the most widely invested savings plan in the world. Of course, the responsibility is still yours. That's clear now. So please always inform and research thoroughly! ; -)

The mentioned MSCI World share is a accumulating savings plan i.e. Every dividend you receive is automatically reinvested. With a distributing savings plan, you will be paid out every month / quarter annually or annually, depending on the savings plan.

What exactly is the MSCI World?

The MSCI World consists of the 1,600 largest companies from 23 industrialized countries. Around 66% of these are represented in the USA. This means that most ETF savings plans are also advertised in USD. However, this has no meaning for our tax office, as the savings plans are automatically converted into euros.

Which companies are in the MSCI World?
The largest companies on earth, of course. The 5 largest companies are Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, Facebook and Alphabet (Google) . The German companies also include Adidas or SAP.

As you can see, the range of the MSCI World is incredible. It is difficult to make no profits with such a broad spectrum. So you almost always make a plus! Of course there are also more difficult months such as the corona year. But there are many more good months than bad ones!

Due to the extremely wide distribution of over 1,600 companies, the MSCI World is the perfect savings plan for beginners and professionals. It's a very low-risk investment. Because you can never assume that 1,600 of the largest companies will actually go bankrupt.

The average return for such an ETF savings plan from MSCI World is around 5.5% p.a.

Create ETF savings plans for free

Now we come to the creation of an ETF savings plan. At Consorsbank go to Save & Invest, then to Savings Plans and then click on the blue button Create Savings Plan Now. Since you already have a verified deposit, you can of course click on Deposit available .
You can now see the mask that shows your savings plans, if you have created any. And now I'll show you how to do it.

You click on Create new savings plan and an input window opens where you have to enter the ISIN number. We already looked for these at JustETF earlier.
The Xtrackers ISIN: IE00BJ0KDQ92. Now paste this into the field and click on Next.

Since the savings plan runs for less than US dollars, this savings plan is specified as a “risk class”. Therefore we have to check the box next to Read note . Just like with sales documents.
As already mentioned, this savings plan runs as Accumulating. The dividend income is automatically reinvested again and again.

No fees are charged for the savings plan. This is completely free and issued with a 0.00% fee. This is why this savings plan is so popular because you can immediately see in the next month how much profit you have made. Without paying any fees.

Fill in mandatory fields

I have now filled in all of the mandatory fields as samples.

With Category you can specify your personal savings goal:

  • miscellaneous
  • Child
  • Property
  • Vehicle
  • Holiday
  • retirement provision
  • leisure

With Name , for example, you can use the name of the ETF savings plan.

You can set the savings interval , i.e. when you want to buy the shares, in 4 intervals:
Monthly / Quarterly / Semi-Annually and Annually.

You can also set the time at which your fixed amount should be debited from the bank account. For me it is the 1. of the month.

With the duration you always have to set from the 1st of the following month . For example:
Today is 07.09.2020.
On 01.10.2020 I can start saving.

You can of course specify the savings rate yourself.

The dynamic always takes effect from the 1st of the new year. (This is how I would set it up) Because every year we lose about 2% inflation, always some money. We prevent this with the 2.5%. This also increases your savings amount a little.

Now all you have to do is enter your IBAN and you're done.

You can now view your savings plan at My Account & Depot .


With the ETF calculator, you can see in the long term how much you will get at which savings rate.

At 150 € every month, over 15 years, you would have saved 40,260.40 €.

27,000.00 € paid yourself
13,260.40 € as a return. That would be a whopping 49.11% that you got for free. Without you having to do anything. Set once and run for years. You've already saved a huge amount of money.

If you are interested in a couple of other topics with which you can really make a lot of profits, then I can send you my articles about Bitcoins or Recommend P2P loans .

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